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So you want to know how I founded an award-winning London Dry Gin brand at the age of 21 during a national lockdown?

When the world came to a standstill in Spring 2020, with an eight-week-old alcohol supply licence, and a business plan based entirely around a thriving retail and hospitality industry, I knew it was time to take the plunge and launch the business I’d always dreamt of. Something totally different.

Meet Bruce, founder of Purist Gin

"It's so smooth"- Tom Rhodes, MasterChef Winner 2021

The Gin

Purist Art Gin - our quintessential London Dry Gin.

Punchy, flavour-rich and always ultra smooth. Excellent with grapefruit and tonic, but smooth enough to be sipped on the rocks.

Ever-changing face, same fantastic

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The Art

We think great gin deserves a great bottle.

That’s why we created Purist Art.

It’s more than just a great bottle of gin, it’s a piece of art.

Every batch of Purist Art Gin showcases a unique piece of work, hand-picked by us, from independent artists.

We get a fantastic, fresh face for our gin and the opportunity to support some terrific artists.

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