Bruce Walker and KYK standing beside the artwork, the lower half being a woman's face and the upper half a collage

KYK Artist Profile

By Kaitlyn Agnew

Bruce Walker and KYK standing beside the artwork, the lower half being a woman's face and the upper half a collage

Discover the world of Karis, more widely celebrated as KYK. As you immerse yourself in her art, you'll soon realize that there's much more than meets the eye. Each brush stroke, each layer of paint, speaks of a journey - a tale of emotions, experiences, and the profound understanding of the human psyche.

Originating from a background in Occupational Therapy, KYK's approach to art is deeply therapeutic and introspective. While many faced professional and personal upheavals during the pandemic, Karis channeled these challenges, turning them into creative fuel. The depth of her compassion and her innate desire to heal and connect is evident in every piece she creates.

Her 'VOW' (Voice of Women) collection is not just an assortment of beautiful paintings. It's a narrative, a powerful testament to the multifaceted beauty and strength of womanhood. This series seamlessly blends the essence of her mother with memories, passions, and personality into a mesmerizing, collage-like masterpiece. Delicate traces, like her grandfather's artistic touch and the hue of her mother's favorite lipstick, are intricately woven, forming a rich tapestry of love and legacy.

Karis, also known as KYK, posing in a door way. She is smiling


We were curious about her feelings on a unique collaboration, and so we asked, "How does it feel to see your art on a bottle?" With palpable emotion, Karis responded, "It's heartwarming to see the bottle adorned with my artwork, especially given its poignant connection to my mum and me. Sharing this message is a privilege, as everyone can resonate with the boundless love they feel for their mother and the admiration of having an eternal role model."

Karis' integration of her professional background into her art is truly unique. Probing further, we inquired, "How does your background in occupational therapy influence how you work with people as you paint?" Offering a glimpse into her methodical and personal approach, Karis explained, "My process begins with getting to know the women, understanding their stories and emotions. Painting for me is a collaborative journey. Starting with their faces, I gradually build the artwork, layer by layer, ensuring at each step that the women feel an intrinsic connection to the evolving piece."


The label of KYK's 'VOW' piece as described in the profile



Her Divinity art show was a revelation. Through her artworks, KYK courageously navigated the often-misunderstood world of strippers and pole dancers, giving voice to their stories, challenging societal stereotypes, and celebrating the inherent artistry in their profession.

As we look forward to witnessing more of her captivating works, we queried, "After the success of the Divinity show, what's next on the horizon?" With a sparkle in her eyes, Karis teased, "There are exciting new ventures brewing, but for now, they remain a delightful mystery."


KYK's journey is an ongoing tapestry of art, emotion, and profound human connections. We're honoured to be a chapter in her story and invite you to delve deeper, exploring more of her masterpieces and tales through the links below.


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