Purist Art Submissions

We think great gin deserves a great bottle.

That’s why we created Purist Art.

Every batch of Purist Art Gin showcases a unique piece of work on the label, hand-picked by us, from independent artists. 

We get a fantastic, fresh face for our gin as well as the opportunity to support some terrific artists.

Same award-winning gin, all new aesthetic. 

Each artist we partner with receives royalties on every bottle sold. Meaning we’re not only able to amplify the work of these fantastic artists, but give them a bit of a kickback too.

The opportunity is open to all kinds of creators, in the past we've had photographers, multi-media artists, painters and more. The label itself is always on a black bottle but we're open to ideas!

We’re always on the lookout for fresh designs, please fill out the contact form below if you're interested!

Artist contact

Drop us an email and show us your portfolio!