The Art of Art Gin

The Art of Art Gin

By Kaitlyn Agnew

The Art of Art Gin

Art and gin have gone hand in hand for years, with beautiful artistic artifacts surrounding the gin world, artwork inspired by gin, and the beautiful labels it's wrapped in.


Artistic Artifacts

vintage gin poster of woman holding a cocktail shaker with the text "say Seager's" at the top


It's true that historical advertisements for alcoholic beverages, including gin, often used imagery and messaging that played on societal ideals of beauty and body image. In many cases, they associated alcohol consumption with attributes like slimness or attractiveness, compared to the popular drink of beer, which was known to cause 'beer belly'.


In contemporary advertising for alcoholic beverages, you're more likely to see a diverse range of models and messaging that emphasises responsible consumption, flavour profiles, and the overall experience rather than making specific claims about body image.


A vintage gin poster that depicts a painting of a tiger in a martini glass to advertise Bengal gin

In a captivating vintage poster, the spirit of Bengal gin comes to life through the mesmerising depiction of a majestic tiger. This poster is a testament to the artistry and imagination of the era, where exoticism and adventure were in vogue. This vintage gem captures not only the essence of the gin but also the spirit of adventure that defined an era of exploration and discovery.


Art Inspired by Gin

William Hogarth's art called 'Gin Lane'


The most infamous piece of art surrounding gin is William Hogarth's "Gin Lane". This depicted the supposed depravity that gin caused in society during the mid 1700's. In fact, shortly after Hogarth's prints began to circulate, the Gin Act of 1751 was enforced, reducing the number of gin shops and upping the tax on importing gin, along with other precautions to try and reduce the gin craze that swept the nation. 


The Artistry of Gin Labels


We could not write about the connection between gin and art without singing the praises of the artists who have collaborated with us. Franny Mosely, Evie Grace, Rory Kennedy, Alexander Millar, and Molly Sellers. These talented artists have crafted gorgeous eye catching labels that fully express themselves, and compliment the sleek Purist Gin bottle.