On Thursday the 12th of November, Purist Gin went from a great bottle of gin to an award-winning a bottle of gin after only six months of being in production.

I attended the gin awards a while ago (2018) in person and distinctly remember looking around the room and seeing brand logos displayed on the tables. I knew these were big players in the world of gin, after returning to my table scratching my head, I wondered how we would fair.

Fast forward to 2020, no longer just an apprentice distiller who could not tell a juniper berry from coriander seeds, I submitted our gin the day of or the day before the cut off for the entry. Only into one category as we only had one gin to offer at the time and wondered if I had just wasted a couple of bottle of gins.

I was elated to see we had made the finalists out of the hundred or so other gins in the London Dry category. We were now in a group of around 50 gins who all had main the finals. After looking down the list of huge names and award-winning products in their own right, my elation started to waver. I had prepared myself for the reality that a lock-down gin made and developed in around six weeks probably was not going to touch the million-plus-pound distilleries. These gins are well established in the market for a good reason; they are quality products.

I do have a small secret though; my lucky number is 42. I made our gin 42%, I have 42 tattooed on my chest and to top it off, I am born on the 24th of February. To my delight, as the show got going Dez Clark, the presenter of the show, within his opening statement declares that it was 42 minutes till the start of the Scotland match that night.

I knew we had it.

The second to last award of the night, the biggest category in the whole award ceremony, Dez started going through the top 10, rhyming off some of the business's biggest gins. Just as we passed the 4th place, the medals up next, a silence fell over the room.

"Bronze Medal - Purist Gin"

A feeling closely rivalled by Scotland going through in the euros.

Till next time,