An attractive bottle of gin sits in a light blue, summer chair.

What is Purist Marble?

By Bruce Walker

An attractive bottle of gin sits in a light blue, summer chair.

I thought now would be a good time to give some more of a story to our new gin and what makes it different to the rest of our range since it is now a mainstay in our collection. Purist Marble was released at the start of May as a trial to test a lighter fresher gin with a reduced alcohol level and we sold out in 3 days with such positive feedback. My favourite one is ‘Marble the Marvel – It’s a perfect summertime gin with gentle citrus and berry flavours’.


 Using a more standard bottle with a simpler cleaner label we pulled in the belt and could make a new addition at the lower price point. My light bulb moment had struck; I created a gin that people could reasonably purchase that introduced them to exactly what Purist is; the best quality gin made for classic gin lovers. No liqueurs, no added flavours, no-nonsense gin made the proper way.


Purist Marble is stripped back to what a gin should be at a reasonable price, which means you are still buying; Single-shot gin, no added un-distilled ethanol, classic and fruity botanicals sourced effectively, a beautiful but cost-effective bottle, cork and label and a punchy flavourful gin at only 37.5% ABV.


The point of Purist Marble is not to compromise on our core value of setting the standard of how gin should be made. It is instead showing that it does not have to cost a fortune to make supreme quality gin.


I see Purist Marble as our entry-level model. A distilled version of what we do without compromise. Best served with a strawberry in the summer with good friends.


So the marvellous Marble is back for good.


Till next time,