Wee Paree, Broomhill - PuristGin

Wee Paree, Broomhill

By Stuart McLellan

Wee Paree, Broomhill - PuristGin

Wee Paree is a quaint little lunch spot located in Broomhill, in the heart of Glasgow’s West-End. Despite having opened in a particularly difficult time for hospitality ventures, Wee Paree is thriving! They offer a unique fusion of Parisian and Scottish cuisine, throughout their brunch and a la carte menus. 

They’ve just stocked up on our quintessentially Scottish Purist Art Gin to complement their delicious french cuisine!


Mon-Thurs 10am-10pm

Fri-Sat 9am - Midnight

240 Crow Road



G11 9HZ

Email - bonjour@weeparee.co.uk

Call - 0141 334 6171

Website - https://www.weeparee.co.uk/

Instagram - @wee.paree