The Ben Nevis, Finnieston. - PuristGin

The Ben Nevis, Finnieston.

By Stuart McLellan

The Ben Nevis, Finnieston. - PuristGin

The Ben Nevis is one of Glasgow’s best-kept secrets. This traditional, uniquely Scottish bar, located on Argyle St, serves up great whisky and good times. 

Whether you're a hardened single-malt veteran or completely new to Scotch, there will be a dram for you at The Ben Nevis. 

With live music sessions weekly, The Ben Nevis is a frequent and favourite venue of the Glaswegian Trad-Folk scene. 

To accompany the fantastic live music, you can now have a fantastic gin at The Ben Nevis, as they’ve just stocked up on Purist Art Gin!


Mon-Sun 12:00-Midnight

1147 Argyle St



G3 8TB 

Call - 0141 576 5204

Website - 

Facebook - @TheBenNevisBar