Why we use the single-shot method. - PuristGin

Why we use the single-shot method.

By Stuart McLellan

Why we use the single-shot method. - PuristGin

At Purist Gin, we like to think that we’re true to our name. We believe we make a gin for people who like an ultra-smooth, quality, no-nonsense tipple. 

That’s quite the claim, but we know our gin can back it up. However, we’ve never explained WHY our gin can back it up. There’s something fairly unique about Purist that sets us apart from the rest of the market. 

It’s our process.

Our distillation process differs from the vast majority of modern gin-makers. We use what’s called the single-shot method. Gin giants like Gordon’s, Beefeater and Tanqueray use the multi-shot method. 

Now, you might be thinking, what on earth does that mean? 

And rightly so, as that’s exactly what I thought when I began working here...until it was explained to me. 

Let me explain, a quick lesson in gin distillation is in order. 

Regardless of which method you use, distillation begins with botanicals being added to a still. They are then macerated with water and neutral grain spirit. Once the still is running, the mixture is heated to 95° to start the distillation and then recondensed into a liquid. 

The result collected at the end, is called a botanical distillate. Afterwards, this distillate is proofed with ONLY water, and then bottled at the desired ABV%.

This is the single-shot method. 

However, when distilling a multi-shot gin, the quantity of botanicals is drastically increased, which produces a botanical concentrate. This means that after distillation, the concentrate is diluted with BOTH water and additional, raw ethanol. Often resulting in a far harsher final product. 

So why would gin distillers use this method you ask?

Because it produces far more gin. 


Our single-shot process produces 221L of gin from 100L of gin distillate.

If we added far more botanicals and diluted with ethanol, by means of the multi-shot process, we could produce 744L of gin from 100L of gin concentrate.


But we don’t, because we’re passionate about making the best gin possible.

So, to recap, single-shotting differs in a couple distinct ways from multi-shooting.The amount of botanicals used during distillation, and the absence of additional ethanol after distillation.

We add only water after distillation, because that’s what creates the smoothest experience for you. 

Purist gin is ultra-smooth. It has a lighter-than-air mouthfeel because we make it that way. 

That’s why we call ourselves Purist Gin.


Stu @ Purist