10 garnishes to perfectly compliment a Purist G&T - PuristGin

10 garnishes to perfectly compliment a Purist G&T

By Stuart McLellan

10 garnishes to perfectly compliment a Purist G&T - PuristGin

It seems you can garnish a G&T with almost anything these days! Elaborate, Spanish-inspired perfect serves from ambitious bartenders clutter Instagram and Facebook, but do they actually taste good? Or is it all for show? We’re here to break it down for you.

A wedge of citrus is almost synonymous with a G&T at this point and for good reason! Since most gins have a citrus botanical, it makes complete sense. Citrus garnishes draw out the corresponding botanical flavours in the gin and accentuates them, making them perfect for gins heavy with citrus botanicals. 

Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime and Orange.

First and foremost, the ultimate garnish for our award-winning Purist Art Gin has to be pink grapefruit! One of the signature botanicals in our Art Gin is a Japanese citron called Yuzu; almost like a hybrid of a lime, lemon and a grapefruit. Garnishing with pink grapefruit really allows the Yuzu to sing!

Lemon and lime wedges have been used as garnishes in G&T’s for decades now, and they’re a great accompaniment for any London Dry Gin! However, why not kick it up a notch and pair with a gin that already has lemon and lime peel distilled into it! Enter, our Purist Zest Gin, which is distilled with up to 3 times as much citrus peel as our standard London Dry recipe, for the zestiest G&T imaginable. A particularly potent pairing.



Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries

Much like garnishing our Zest gin with Lemon or Lime, we recommend garnishing our Marble gin with fresh strawberries! Why you ask? Well, because we distill real, dried strawberries into every bottle of our Purist Marble. Not only do fresh strawberries harmonise deliciously with the botanicals, they add a pop of colour, for the perfect summer G&T!

Raspberries and Blueberries can also be a fun addition to your G&T. Again, we’d recommend a fruity gin such as our Purist Marble in this case. 



Some more unusual choices

For the more adventurous G&T drinkers amongst you, we have some rogue suggestions that you perhaps haven’t tried before!

Juniper Berries


Always find yourself swaying towards Juniper forward gins? Then maybe garnishing with even more juniper is for you! Add a small handful of Juniper berries to your G&T and enjoy, be careful however as this can quickly become overly junipery! 



A lesser known fact about our Zest gin is that it includes lemongrass as a botanical! This exotic lemon-scented grass can add a powerful citrus punch to your G&T. If you’re a citrus fanatic then why not give it a try, simply peel away the tough outer leaves and garnish with the fragrant inner stalks!



Not all garnishes have to accentuate botanicals! Some offer contrasting flavours to compliment the ones already present. That’s where basil comes in, chuck a few basil leaves in with strawberries if garnishing a fruity gin, or add them in with a slice of grapefruit to upgrade a more classic gin serve!