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The Ultimate Cocktail Gin.

 Our Award-Winning Recipe, at Navy-Strength. Originally planned as a limited-edition bottle, our exceedingly popular navy-strength gin is now here to stay. 


Distilled at 57% ABV, Purist Black packs a punch, The additional distilled gin allows for far more botanicals, resulting in a much more pronounced flavour. 

Our Process

We use a single-shot process, meaning we add only water after we distill, which is what makes our gin ultra-smooth and extra-drinkable, even at 57% ABV.

Gin Details:

Key botanicals: Yuzu, Juniper, Coriander, Almond powder, Cassia and citrus peel. 

ABV: 57%

Method: Rectified - Grain Neutral Spirit

Serving suggestion(s):

This one’s for the brave. Best used in cocktails or heroic G&T’s

Always distilled in Scotland.