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My name is Bruce Walker, a 21-year-old Award-Winning Gin Distiller from Glasgow, and founder of Purist Gin.

During the first lockdown in the UK, I started Purist out of desperation from the inability to operate my new business, making bespoke gins for small retailers, bars, and restaurants. My license was only eight weeks old previous to lockdown commencing.

During the nights, days and weekends of our national lockdown, Purist Gin was born. In that darkness, we found our fire, and we have been riding success ever since.

With a fantastic product and a new website, we hit the ground running on production. Six months in, we went and only won our first award! A Bronze in the 'Best London Dry Gin' Category at the Scottish Gin Awards.

Since then we have produced three new batches including a Navy strength for the braver gin drinkers, all featuring new labels for each batch from new and exciting artists, hence The Art Gin!

Humbled by our start and driven by our ambitions, we can't wait to share our plans to expand our brand, products, and services.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by, enjoy our Gin, please drink responsibly, and consider giving us a follow on our socials to see our story progress.



Purist Gin was born with art in mind and when you purchase a bottle of Purist Gin you are also supporting independent artists.

Purist Art is an initiative that allows independent artists to design a label for each batch of Purist Gin. The artist will receive a percentage of each bottle sale which provides them with a financial gain along with the exposure.

The initiative is open to all creators including photographers, sculptors, painters and graphics designers etc. The label can be applied to either a black or white bottle.

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Purist Gin has a light orange and cassia spice on the nose, which develops in the mouth to a more rounded classic juniper and coriander with yuzu peel flavours bursting through as it mellows out into a sweet orange aftertaste lingering briefly before the pallet is left refreshed.

The distillery uses a single-shot process and almond powder to really mellow out the ethanol and bind it with rich botanicals to provide not only a smooth gin but a very light mouthfeel.


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This curious fruit from Japan packs a rich and pungent punch that blends effortlessly with the spicy juniper for a sharp citrus palate.

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Delivering that burst of fruitiness before the zesty yuzu notes tantalise the taste buds, to then make way for the juniper spice.

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The depth is achieved with this resinous juniper from Italy, the home of exceptional juniper. Responsible for that satisfying botanical note on the nose and palate.