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The Purist Story

Meet Bruce, founder of Purist Gin. 

So you want to know how I founded an award-winning London Dry Gin brand at the age of 21 during a national lockdown? I don’t blame you.


When the world came to a standstill in Spring 2020, with an eight-week-old alcohol supply licence, and a business plan based entirely around a thriving retail and hospitality industry, I knew it was time to take the plunge and launch the business I’d always dreamt of. Something totally different. Purist Gin would be a far cry from the bathtub gin I would sell to my mates at school just a handful of years ago. Armed with every bit of distilling experience I had picked up since and the desire to create a totally unique gin - I got to work.


In the following days and weeks, Purist Gin was born. What started out as a passion project in the West End of Glasgow would, after just six months, take Bronze at the Scottish Gin Awards for Best London Dry Gin.In the darkness of a global lockdown, Purist found its fire, and it’s been burning ever since.


Purist Gin has a light orange and cassia spice on the nose, which develops in the mouth to a more rounded, classic, juniper and coriander flavour. Before yuzu peel flavours burst through and it mellows out into a sweet orange aftertaste which lingers briefly, before the pallet is left refreshed. We use a unique single-shot process to distill our spirit, which means we’re able to control exactly how the final product tastes. After mellowing the flavour with almond power, we bind it with rich botanicals leading to an unbelievably smooth spirit, with a surprisingly light mouthfeel.

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Purist Gin was born with art in mind, designed to create a fusion of artistic talents and give back to the independent artists that fuel our fire. When you purchase a bottle of Purist Gin, you are supporting independent artists.

Purist Art is our initiative that allows independent artists to design a label for each batch of Purist Gin. Each of our partner artists receives royalties on every bottle sold, meaning we’re not only able to amplify the work of these fantastic artists, but support them financially too.The initiative is open to all creators including photographers, sculptors, painters and graphics designers etc. The label can be applied to either a black or white bottle.


To keep up with the Purist journey, find perfect serves and discover the art of gin, why not check out our Purist Tales? (link to blog page)