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🏆 Country Winner for Scotland - London Dry Gin - World Gin Awards 2022🏆 

🏆 Medal Winner - 'London Dry Gin of the Year' - Scottish Gin Awards 2020🏆


 Art Details:

This batch of Purist Art Gin's label was designed by the unbelievably talented Evie Grace Illustration!

 3 million masks.

That's how many disposable masks are used and disposed of every MINUTE.

You can't go five metres down the street without seeing a blue and white mask blowing down the pavement, littering our green spaces, and ultimately polluting our oceans.

It's irresponsible and unnecessary.

We're at a point with the COVID-19 pandemic where we should no longer be facilitating the wastefulness of disposable masks.

Always use re-usable.

We absolutely adored Evie's design as well as the message behind it!

Read more about Evie and her fantastic work here:



A Classic London Dry

Purist Art Gin is our quintessential London Dry expression.

Rounded, smooth, punchy. 

Distiller’s Notes

“There’s aromas of Orange and Cassia on the nose, then it (Purist Art) develops further in the mouth to a more classic juniper and coriander flavour. Afterwards the Yuzu bursts through, enveloping the palate. The whole experience is completely refreshing, our process achieves a lighter-than-air mouthfeel.”

Bruce Walker, Distiller and Founder. 

Our Process

Whilst our bottle art changes from batch to batch, our award-winning, single-shot London Dry Gin recipe never changes. We use a single-shot process, meaning we add only water after we distill, which is what makes our gin ultra-smooth and extra-drinkable. 

Gin Details:

Key botanicals: Yuzu, Juniper, Coriander, Almond powder, Cassia and citrus peel. 

ABV: 42%

Method: Rectified - Grain Neutral Spirit

Serving suggestion(s):

Serve with tonic and plenty of ice, we recommend garnishing with a slice of Pink Grapefruit.