The Marlborough, Broomhill. - PuristGin

The Marlborough, Broomhill.

By Stuart McLellan

The Marlborough, Broomhill. - PuristGin

The Marlborough is a brand-new bar and restaurant in the heart of Glasgow’s West-End, with a lovely pavement patio which serves as a bustling beer garden.

Having opened in late 2020, The Marlborough is already a popular venue with locals. They open daily for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner and function as a bar until midnight as well. 

This cosy, neighbourhood spot now stocks Purist Art Gin, as well as Purist Marble! 


Mon-Sun 09:00-Midnight

340 Crow Rd


G11 7HT

Website - 

Email - 

Call - 0141 338 6606

Instagram - @marlboroughbroomhill 

Facebook - @Marlborough340