LilyBakesCakes - Strawberry Birthday Cake Liqueur

LilyBakesCakes - Strawberry Birthday Cake Liqueur

By Stuart McLellan

LilyBakesCakes - Strawberry Birthday Cake Liqueur

At Purist, we’re no strangers to collaboration, every edition of our Art Gin features a different artist’s work on the label. However, we’ve never done anything quite like this…

LilyBakesCakes is a self-taught baker that has taken Glasgow’s West End by storm! Based on Hyndland Street, just off Mansfield park, her bright pink and green shop can’t be missed! A connoisseur of custom cakes, chocolate strawberries and countless sweet treats, Lily spends all week preparing for her hectic weekends when her bakery is queued down the street with sweet-toothed customers.


Despite its changing face, our Art Gin’s award-winning recipe always stays the same, however, for our collaboration with LilyBakesCakes, we knew we wanted to come up with something totally off the wall.

It’s our very first gin liqueur, based on the staple flavours of Lily’s baking! Say hello to our Strawberry Birthday Cake Gin Liqueur!


We wanted to make something that reflected Lily’s business and her larger than life shop! Our founder Bruce got to work, tackling how best to incorporate her staple flavours into a gin! He landed on Strawberry Birthday Cake as being the best choice for our limited-edition gin!

Being a liqueur at 25% ABV, it’s lighter, sweeter and fruitier than anything else in our range! We recommend combining it with tonic or lemonade to balance out the sweetness and experience the full flavour profile of the liqueur!


As this gin would be sold online but also in Lily’s shop, we felt it needed a little bit of wow factor to feel at home, so as well as being bright pink, we added gold shimmer to really make it pop!