Franny Moseley - Artist Profile - PuristGin

Franny Moseley - Artist Profile

By Bruce Walker

Franny Moseley - Artist Profile - PuristGin

Our newest artist is the amazing young painter Franny Moseley and the first woman to be involved in our art initiative. We wanted to start bringing different backgrounds, mediums and art styles to our bottles and with two photographers for our first round of Purist Art; it was high time we got something new and exciting.


Our artist profiles are going to become standard for each artist we feature to give you some background on the artists we work with and to learn more about them.


Franny is an architecture student at the Edinburgh College of Art and has recently finished her degree, she has been painting all her life but only started painting professionally in 2018 where she sold her work online or via commissioned paintings.


  • What was your motivation for the artwork on the bottle?


I started my first flower piece in lockdown, I live in the Cotswolds in the middle of the countryside and my mum and I love flowers so I wanted to create a really delicate and expressive piece using flowers.

The painting for the bottles was one I did quite late into the summer last year and I really wanted to try what I was learning on a much larger scale while expressing the subject matter. I took quite a lot of inspiration from the old way people painted flowers with dark backgrounds and vivid flowers while putting on my style.

I had such a long time to paint and spend lots of time practising so I am really happy to share it with the people drinking Purist Gin. I started it on the 19th of August and I think I finished it on the 11th of September so I would say I spent about 40 to 45 hours on the piece.


  • As a young person working in the arts, does the future scare you or are you excited for where things could go?


I think for me I have two passions, I love architecture but at the same time, I love what I do with paintings and my small arts business will always be with me. Now that I have more time I am hoping to explore how much I can get involved in the arts.


I don’t think covid scares me, I think people have much more appreciation for being creative and more time to be creative. I hope it is something I can always do and be part of in the future.


  • Are you much of a gin fan yourself? 

I would say I am definitely a gin fan myself *laughs*. It would definitely be my spirit of choice in a bar. My dad is also a big fan of gin and loves finding niche gin so he was super excited to find out I was working on this project too.


  • Do you have any plans for the future that you want to tell people about?

In the immediate future, I will have a lot more time to produce new work and I have some plans for paintings over the summer along with learning new ways to paint and develop my style. I am working with some cool people like yourself and candle companies. I would love to work with more small business and independents as it really works for me. 



If you want to follow Franny or commission any of her art then her Instagram link is below and her Etsy page. We will also be adding Franny to our Purist Art store where some canvases of some different pieces will be available soon.


From all of us at Purist Gin, we want to thank Franny for letting us use her exceptional painting and we hope all our customers love it as much as we do.